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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Riverchasers and Screw the NFL network and Charter Cable.11:56 I jam A7 utg with blings of 600/1200+a get called by AK no help and out 14th.

11:56 steal 88 up to T7500

11:54 fuck me down to T5819 when I called a shortys with A9s they have 44 and it holds.

11:51 Down to T15k AQ no good versus Swimmom95's 99

11:49 just pushed a small stack with AQ he had JJ. Q on the River and we are down to 15.
I am up to T25850.

11:30 Just ran KK in to AA, all in preflop. down to 2467

11:17 Just doubled up to T17618 when my AA held up verus Mike_Maloney's QQ
I am currently 4th with 22 remaining.

Playing in the Riverchasers tonight. Sitting upstairs in bed with the wife. I am wondering how long till she asks me when it will be over. my guess is 11:00pm.

I don't get why people are so willing to put their whole stack in early in a tournament
I mean why push T2600 into a T125 dollar pot? when the blinds are 15/30????

I got lucky and doubled up early. But since the wife wanted me in bed I needed to take a shower
and came back to T5800 and I am now up to T5920

Updates to follow

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