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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santana to boston? Patriots escape

I keep hoping that this is the deal. Lester has shown himself to be a solid Lefthanded Major league ready pitcher and Masterson is right up there with Buckholtz in terms of upside.

ESPN - After Yanks' deadline passes, Red Sox jump into lead for Santana - MLB
If the Twins were satisfied with Lester's medicals, it's believed they would accept a swap of him, Coco Crisp, shortstop prospect Jed Lowrie and either highly regarded pitching prospect Justin Masterson or another player.

Drizz asked if patriots fans were happy today. I am extremely happy that the Patriots
won a game that they probably should have lost. A win is a win no extra for style.

2 days till vegas for all you lucky mofo's. I will be stuck here in Worcester, Mass freezing my ass off dreaming of Playing Pai-Gow with drunken bloggers.

Tonight is the Bodonkey Blogger tourney with $600 added to the Prize Pool by Bodog.
8:35 on bodog see u there.

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