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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


No Wwdn next tuesday, Instead I will be playing the DADI5 .

come join the fun with one of the tougher short fields of poker players you can find.

someone is going to win a wsop seat.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Last thursday My Man Rob was home on leave for the last time before shipping off to Iraq and he wanted to gamble, So 5 of us headed down to foxwoods for their 7pm $100 tourney.

Things started off slowly at my table. Had one guy push his stack (1500) into a 50 pot. Nice hand sir, Needless to say He busted about 10 min later when he did it again and someone caught a set.
I busted shortly after when my TPTK lost to a rivered set.

I put my name on the list for 4/8 and got a seat about 10 min later when they started a new table.
This was table was brutal 5-7 people seeing flops. Raises got no respect at all. AA no good KK no good. I did not get (1) hand that I could raise with in the first hour and a half. I finally get one and get 5 callers what does the winner flip over???? 92s yeah thats right nice hand sir.

only down 40 after 1:30 my buddies got me to signup for a $80 sng which they run when the fill up.

table was a mix
seat 1 was a young kid who played solid.
seat 2 big fat guy
seat 3 me My friend Mike (solid player)
seat 4, My friend Mike (solid player)
seat5,6,7 Jags
seat 8 was my friend Mark
seat 9 was a jag
seat 10 was Typical cool college kid (CCK) with IPOD and hoodie.

I was going to be patient since I know that some of these people would be in a hurry to get chips or go home.

the CCK was playing any 2 cards and took 2 people out when he called an AI J4 and caught.
Somewhat amusing to watch the guy he busted mutter to himself J4? you called with J4.

right after this happened the 1 seat took down 2 people, So the 1 and 10's had about half the chips on the table.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The ten seat Leans back and says to the 1 seat. You and I wont play till we make the money. Now I waited for the dealer to say something and I waited and waited but she said nothing.

Now we get down to 4 people.

the 1 seat big stack
me in the 3's
mark in the 8's
and the CCK in the 10's with a big stack

I am just trying to outlast Mark to make the money.
when the CCK raises and the 1 seat comes over the top.
the CCK leans back
Now the kid in the 1 seat never said anything to the CCK when he suggested they soft play each other.
I waited about 30 sec's for the dealer to say knock it off But she didnt so I did. I told the kid to shut up and play. He then asked me what he did and I told him that he was openly colluding and that it was not allowed. I should have called the floor. the dealer never said one word nice job running the game. After I settled down I ended up taking third after Mark made a weak ass min raise and got called by both big stacks and then checked the flop. and got bet into by the CCK.

I then got it in with KJ and busted 3rd. to the 1 seat who ended up taking it down. thank god.
so +50 on the sng.

well I wandered Back over to the any 2 will do 4/8 table and took an open seat and Procceded to recover my $40 before I gave 20 back.

so I ended the night down 70 which isn't tooo bad.

The New room at foxwoods is Huge they must have 120+ tables but some are seperated which is nice.