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Saturday, November 05, 2005

6 max ohh my god

I am trying to learn to play 6 max.

my only venture into 6 max previously ended in a complete disaster. (me Losing)

but I have been reading up and so I sat down at a 2/4 6 max table on Full tilt.
and boy do I love 6 max You can play very aggressive which in full ring is usually not a good thing. plus you get to see alot more hands but 3 betting with kq i still need some work with.
It does amaze me when you go to showdown and the people show thier hands and they have nothing or bottom pair and they thought 67 was worth 3 betting pre flop.


I think I am going to like it
friday night +70

billy b

Friday, November 04, 2005

Funny Picture

I just thought this was slightly amusing.
sure clinton was a womanizer but atleast he wasn't a drunk or a drug addict.
still waiting to see how long Libby spends in jail but I am guessing Bush will pardon him
on his way out of office.

sorry for the political slant.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Poker Blue

November 1 already. Damm where does the time go.

Played an hour session on PokerBlue +140 man these players are bad.
calling down with bottom pair or nothing at all.
kinda like shooting fish in a barrell atleast till they shoot back.

Poker Blue is giving away a wsop seat each sunday in a freerol,l just
4 hours of ring games play needed to qualify.
come join the fun.

my referral id is: gzuschrist

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Arrrghh, I hate Monday's

Well the Donkey's at Poker Blue finally caught up to me.

-120 for the day.
every hand I had someone would have better. But hands they shouldn't have been in with
in the first place.

get AK first hand and raise it up, I get 2 callers flop come k89 turn is a blank river is a blank.
I have bet every street what does the winner turn over 89o?? why call 2 cold with 89?

just one of those days every hand was like this.
I will get it back soon enough.

Played the 24+2 8k on Full tilt and got it all in with AQ got called by KQ and he caught his K on the turn.

why do people want to gamble with KQ?????? for all thier chips it doesn't make sense but
then again i was the one who lost.

i did come in 2nd in a 20+2 sng on full tilt to atleast get on the winning side once yesterday.


Monday, October 31, 2005

Rough Weekend

atleast my NFL CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS found it in thier hearts to
come back and beat the bills.

on the poker front play alittle and lost and lost and lost.

lost the rest of my roll on UB. in a $20 sng finished 4th and a $20 HU sng.
such is life.

played cards at my Neighbors house sunday and just couldn't hit.
3 $20 sngs later and I am down $60.

listening to my friend place bets on the sunday football games gave me the bug.
so I teased the Panthers and Raiders. +180

so atleast that covers my poker losses.
not the best weekend but you can't win all the time. Right????