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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Arrrghh, I hate Monday's

Well the Donkey's at Poker Blue finally caught up to me.

-120 for the day.
every hand I had someone would have better. But hands they shouldn't have been in with
in the first place.

get AK first hand and raise it up, I get 2 callers flop come k89 turn is a blank river is a blank.
I have bet every street what does the winner turn over 89o?? why call 2 cold with 89?

just one of those days every hand was like this.
I will get it back soon enough.

Played the 24+2 8k on Full tilt and got it all in with AQ got called by KQ and he caught his K on the turn.

why do people want to gamble with KQ?????? for all thier chips it doesn't make sense but
then again i was the one who lost.

i did come in 2nd in a 20+2 sng on full tilt to atleast get on the winning side once yesterday.