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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Brady voted MVP

All I know is the Stupid FUCKING Writer in GreenBay who voted for Brett Farvre should have their vote taken away. Yes Brett Farvre is having a good season and the Packers are doing Much better than I had thought possible but that still isn't a good enough reason to not vote for Tommy Terrific who threw 50 touchdowns.

Associated Press
Add Most Valuable Player to all the other accolades Tom Brady has been collecting.

Al Bello / Getty Images
Tom Brady became the first quarterback since Peyton Manning in 2004 to win the NFL MVP Award.
The New England Patriots' record-setting quarterback drew all but one vote Saturday in romping to The Associated Press 2007 NFL MVP Award in the same manner his team romped through its schedule, going 16-0. On the way to the first unbeaten regular season since Miami went 14-0 in 1972, Brady put on a performance for the ages.Read the rest HERE.

Fucking morons in Wisconsin. Just like the Morons in Iowa who all voted for Obama over Clinton. Does anyone actually think Obama will win the Democratic Nomination? I think he Has No Shot But we shall see but I Digress.

Brady voted MVP

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Football weekend with out the Patriots is like

A Football weekend with out the Patriots is like,
You know, When you were younger and got sick and Had to watch the rest of the kids playing outside? that is what a Football weekend with out the Patriots is like.

I know they have a well earned Bye But I still miss them soo much. Being their #1 FAN boy and all. I mean they should just skip this week and we can just have the Patriots play the Colts in the AFC Conference Finals. Since we know thats who's going to be there when it is all said and done.

Does anyone think that any of the teams in the NFC can beat the Patriots or the Colts?

My Picks

Washington at Seattle -3.5
A wise man named Zeem once told me never to bet against the SeaHawks at Home.
Pick Hawks.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh +3
This is the Upset that I am hoping for. Since it is likely the Patriots will be getting the winner.
Lets Hope the Steelers can pull this one out at home. Yes the Jags beat them 3 weeks ago and yes the steelers are without Willie Parker. Lets Hope Big Ben can pull one out of his ass.
Pick Steelers

New York Giants at Tampa Bay -3
Giants played a great game last week, That being said Eli Manning still looks more like Drew Bledsoe than Peyton Manning. Take the Bucs they are rested and healty which is more than we can say about the Giants. They should have rested their starters now they will have plenty of rest.
Pick Bucs

San Diego vs. Tennessee +10
I think The chargers will win the game but not by more than 10. Yes the chargers have been on a roll but their QB sucks more dick than the College Call girl and their whiney little bitch of a Running Back will be Crying once again this year. Funny how the Patriots showed no class last year but the Chargers antics a few weeks ago drew no criticism from LT.
Pick Titans.

So there you have it. My Solid Lock picks, take it to the Bank Picks for this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the games even though the Patriots aren't playing.

Now Drop the Hammer


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wangz get yours today and Anal Pillow Talk

Kaja posted this video first but it is worthy of being posted here.
this some funny stuff. I will have to check out the rest of this guy's videos.

the best tip was "try not to make out with your buddy" which is the one rule I try to maintain a Hard line on. I mean I like my Buddys But just not that much.

I mean it is perfectly acceptable for Carmen and LJ to make out. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for Waffles and Hoyazo to make out. Why is our society so intolerant of Man on Man love?
but yet so accepting of Woman on Woman love???? Intolerant Perverts or just Uptight Republicans? whos to blame??

Dont forget The RIVERCHASERS tonight at 9 p.m on Full Tilt Poker
where it only feels like your getting fucked up the Ass with some of the Recockulous beats there.

Tournament: 35738641
Tournament Name: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
When: Thursday, January 3rd, 21:00 ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers

Now go Drop the Hammer


Poker Hand from the Mookie

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold'em Tournament, 60/120 Blinds, 9 Players - Hand History Converter

BB: 5,515
UTG: 4,710
UTG+1: 3,360
UTG+2: 3,920
MP1: 6,030
MP2: 3,640
Hero (CO): 9,820
BTN: 1,625
SB: 3,410

Pre-Flop: (180) K K dealt to Hero (CO)

5 folds,
Wwonka raises to 420 (Raising KK here nothing special),
BTN folds,

Bayne raises to 1,380
, I can see him trying to resteal here

BB REraises to 5,515 and is All-In, Ok this is the one that worries me

wwonka69 calls 5,095, (I am not folding KK here)

Bayne calls 2,030 and is All-In (What COULD HE CALL WITH HERE?AA, KK,QQ,JJ, AK MAYBE?)

Flop: (14,440) 2 7 4 (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
Turn: (14,440) T (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
River: (14,440) A (3 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 14,440 Pot

BB showed K K (a pair of Kings) and WON 2,105 (-3,410 NET)

Wwonka69 showed K K (a pair of Kings) and WON 2,105 (-3,410 NET)

BAYNE showed A T (two pair, Aces and Tens) and WON 10,230 (+6,820 NET)

Click here to view a larger version.

Wow I will say I was shocked that Bayne would make that call with AToff suit. The resteal was fine but calling off your stack with ATo seems crazy to me.
What could he Possibly be ahead of? If either of us has a Bigger Ace he is way behind.
Or is he just too short to fold once he gets reraised all in and then a call before it gets back to him?


Mookie Win

Wow its 2:08 and I am tired. I was actually sleeping durning the breaks.
it was a long day at Foxwoods.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Full Tilt Funkyness     10:10p.m.   I am playing the 50/50 and a $5 on full tilt and I just got the EXACT SAME CARDS at both tables.
Jd 8h. dealt in 2 different tourneys at the exact same moment, What are the odds of this happening?

now 3 hands later K8 different suits. But I seem to get alot of the same cards different suits at the same time.
has anyone else noticed this?

Pot Slows Cancer in Test Tubes study shows

HomeGrown420 - Pot Slows Cancer in Test Tube

Pot Slows Cancer in Test Tube
Posted by CN Staff on December 27, 2007 at 20:45:40 PT
By Daniel J. DeNoon, WebMD Medical News
Source: WebMD

Web MD -- THC and another marijuana-derived compound slow the spread of cervical and lung cancers, test-tube studies suggest.
The new findings add to the fast-growing number of animal and cell-culture studies showing different anticancer effects for cannabinoids, chemical compounds derived from marijuana.

Cannabinoids, and sometimes marijuana itself, are currently used to lessen the nausea and pain experienced by many cancer patients. The new findings -- yet to be proven in human studies -- suggest that cannabinoids may have a direct anticancer effect.

"Cannabinoids' ... potential therapeutic benefit in the treatment of highly invasive cancers should be addressed in clinical trials," conclude Robert Ramer, PhD, and Burkhard Hinz, PhD, of the University of Rostock, Germany.

Might cannabinoids keep dangerous tumors from spreading throughout the body? Ramer and Hinz set up an experiment in which invasive cervical and lung cancer cells had make their way through a tissue-like gel. Even at very low concentrations, the marijuana compounds THC and methanandamide (MA) significantly slowed the invading cancer cells.

Doses of THC that reduce pain in cancer patients yield blood concentrations much higher than the concentrations needed to inhibit cancer invasion.

"Thus the effects of THC on cell invasion occurred at therapeutically relevant concentrations," Ramer and Hinz note.

The researchers are quick to point out that much more study is needed to find out whether these test-tube results apply to tumor growth in animals and in humans.

Ramer and Hinz report the findings in the Jan. 2, 2008 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Note: Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells.

Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Source: WebMD (US)
Author: Daniel J. DeNoon, WebMD Medical News
Published: December 26, 2007
Copyright: 2007 WebMD Inc.

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