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Friday, January 04, 2008

A Football weekend with out the Patriots is like

A Football weekend with out the Patriots is like,
You know, When you were younger and got sick and Had to watch the rest of the kids playing outside? that is what a Football weekend with out the Patriots is like.

I know they have a well earned Bye But I still miss them soo much. Being their #1 FAN boy and all. I mean they should just skip this week and we can just have the Patriots play the Colts in the AFC Conference Finals. Since we know thats who's going to be there when it is all said and done.

Does anyone think that any of the teams in the NFC can beat the Patriots or the Colts?

My Picks

Washington at Seattle -3.5
A wise man named Zeem once told me never to bet against the SeaHawks at Home.
Pick Hawks.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh +3
This is the Upset that I am hoping for. Since it is likely the Patriots will be getting the winner.
Lets Hope the Steelers can pull this one out at home. Yes the Jags beat them 3 weeks ago and yes the steelers are without Willie Parker. Lets Hope Big Ben can pull one out of his ass.
Pick Steelers

New York Giants at Tampa Bay -3
Giants played a great game last week, That being said Eli Manning still looks more like Drew Bledsoe than Peyton Manning. Take the Bucs they are rested and healty which is more than we can say about the Giants. They should have rested their starters now they will have plenty of rest.
Pick Bucs

San Diego vs. Tennessee +10
I think The chargers will win the game but not by more than 10. Yes the chargers have been on a roll but their QB sucks more dick than the College Call girl and their whiney little bitch of a Running Back will be Crying once again this year. Funny how the Patriots showed no class last year but the Chargers antics a few weeks ago drew no criticism from LT.
Pick Titans.

So there you have it. My Solid Lock picks, take it to the Bank Picks for this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the games even though the Patriots aren't playing.

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