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Monday, October 01, 2007

NFL Bloodbath and Home game Beat down

What a weekend in the NFL. This was my worst week this year.
How do the Texans lose to the Falcons? Pittsburgh loses to the Cardnials what is up with that?

Thank God the Patriots play tonight lets see if they can win. An NFL sunday without the Patriots is Just not the same.

My condolences to Alan who is a sad Mets fan today. How do you blow a 7 game lead with 14 to go?
someone is getting fired this week me thinks.

Played a Homegame on saturday night. 9 peeps showed up. I only have 2 photo's to show.

Hope u like this Shot Of Bubba You really are seeing his best side.

Who says this shit only happens online?

The Home game started out good but finished Badly for me. Just couldn't get my hands to hold up. First game was 9 people $20 to buy in 2k in chips 20 min levels. So why is it People always want to jack the blinds up so they can end sooner. What I do find interesting is that the Best player got knocked out 2nd and he started to complain that it was taking too long. He actually suggested 10 min blinds. I would suggest just picking a name out of a hat instead of playing cards. the first game took just over 2 hours. which doesn't seem to out of whack to me.

The 2nd game the host decided to make it unlimited $20 rebuys for the first 2 levels. Good stuff Too bad I wasn't prepared for a rebuy tourney. I actually did ok just picking my spots. and at the end of the rebuy I was in 2nd. Too bad that that was where my cards ran out.

Highlight was getting TT and Having RakeFeeder try to steal then call my push with K8 and the Flop comes 88K. What the fuck is that. Nice hand sir.

I than had to listen to him defend his raise and call for the next 2 hours. Fun stuff.
Dude you got lucky just say that and shut up. No one wants to listen to you Postulate on why this was a good play and that was a bad play all night. Most of the people there don't want to listen to your In depth Hand analysis all night.

In fact most of the people there Don't really understand half of it so stop trying to teach em shit.
all it does it make em play better. If that is really Possible.

Tonight The Patriots should win by atleast 14 points.

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