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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

happy Birthday

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. I find it amazing that she is 7.
it seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Poker has been up and down the last few days.
tried playing some 5/10 6 max and got smacked back down to the 2/4 game where i am
more comfortable. which is fine for now.

i also signed up for Jetset poker since they are going to be starting thier wsop promos
and I am going back.

was playing on a 4/8 at jetset with some of the worst players the other side of poker blue,
and would have had a much better session if I could have stayed away from the 1 other good
player on the table.

but never mind I still ended up +50 after about 1 hour of screwing around.
sometimes it is fun to Lag it up.

thats all for today folks have a nice day.