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Monday, November 07, 2005


after playing flag football in the morning (and Not getting hurt).

I logged into Bodog and made my Wagers on The NFL
after consulting my man Bcbobers I placed a $200 if bet
if the panthers win I roll it onto the Seahawks.

while watching the panthers crush thier opponent I said lets make another bet
so I parlayed 75 on the seahawks and the Giants.
after squirming on the giants for awhile they managed to cover so +600 for the day on NFL.

I logged into Full tilt and played alittle 6 max. I am really starting to like this game even
though the swings can be pretty rough.

I played for about 90 min while waiting for the Freeroll on PokerBlue to start.
I got up about $100 at the 2/4 table before I left with +60.

The freeroll didnt go so well. I hung around till about 50th and that is where I ended.
the play early on is sooo weak people would just bluff and fold. but you have some people that
get big stacks and make the worst calls and get lucky.

we had one guy at our table who had 600 and he was in the BB for 300 and he folded to a 300 raise.

don't know what he was thinking.

too bad the wsop promo is ending.
but not a bad day. +60 at FTP.