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Friday, December 28, 2007

Get some Donkey Poker tonight

Home Game Fun Tonight! The Hpt Tour is having another Tourney tonight. There will be 4 Bloggers there tonight with Rake Feeder, Biggerston and Poker Dave with myself being 4. I also have a old family friend coming so this should be a fun night with meeting another local blogger. PokerDave is coming maybe someday I will get to meet the other Dave from Mass or Sir Waffles.

Fun game lots of bad players but quite a few good ones. The host gives us a Good structure to start. so dealing with the good players which Rakefeeder and Biggestro are 2 and the host is another. there are a few utterly terrible players also. I mean these folks make us bloggers look like geniuses.

Calling all the way down with bottom pair on a flushed board Priceless, But you also can't bluff the UnBluffable and there are a few of them there. But isn't that what you really want people who will put it in with the worst just cause they feel lucky? You know the ones they play almost every hand. There's always atleast 1 in every game.

But then having to deal with Players like RakeFeeder and Biggestro and Ittolm (the host) and Dave among others is tough too. Biggestro is Good I had to suckout on him last time. Funny thing is I didn't even know till he pointed it out to me. Thanks B.

hope everyone has a great nite tonight. Be safe this holiday weekend.

And don't forget to watch the Game, You know which game atleast you can tell your grandchildren that you saw it. You might not see another Perfect 16-0 regular season for awhile.
If the weather is good the pats should roll over the giants who really have nothing to play for other than Pride but that isn't going to help them next week so we shall see who plays and for how long.