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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vegas Countdown T-20, Poker Shrinkage,

That's right 20 more days till I get to spend 5 nights in my favorite town.
with my Brother and few of my Best friends .
I will be there March 14th-18th which is March Madness. I also realized that Saint Patrick's day is the 17th so there should be some great dunken stories coming back with me.

My Bankroll is Shrinking up like a little boy's junk in a cold Pool.
So I was donking around in a $5 + .50 tourney on Full Tilt Poker.
And I was Amazed at the Horrible Horrible plays that some people did.
yes I know it was only a $5 tourney but still
calling off your whole stack with KJ on a board with an Ace on it is not the brightest thing to do.
but that crime and much worse were committed at my table last night.

here is one hand that I wished I had played differently But Silly me for giving my 2 opponents any credit for a decent hand.

Or am being way too tight in that spot?
Just didn't think my AQ was that strong.
and didnt want to race so early.

no hands until KK and you can guess the rest.

See you tonight If I am awake.

Atleast tommorrow is Friday and that means I get to go to ittolm's house for a friendly home game.

And when I first heard about Britney Spears Being Bald I said I already knew she was Bald,
not this.

this girl needs some help. Hopefully there is someone in her life who can get her the help
she needs. But they would need to convince her to stay in rehab longer than Nicole waits to throw up after eating.

20 more days



Gerry said...

Reading your blog post has been real fun :)....hope you have a rollickin, drunken holiday :) drop by my blog to get more fun ideas to add spice to this Irish holiday.