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Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series,Patriots Domination and Miami Don

The Redsox made another fantastic comeback down 3-1 to the Cleveland Indians.
This was a series that should have gone 7 games. You have the 2 teams that tied for the most wins during the regular season. What Cleveland fans should be shocked at is that their two 19 game winners went 0-4 in this series. thats right both of their Aces got zero wins.

I really did think the Indians were a beaten team after game 6. They did manage to hang tough in game 7. It was much much closer than the final score indicated. Clevelands Pitcher somehow managed to Escape from Multiple Jams early on when it looked like he might not make it past the 2nd inning. Much to his credit the redsox hit into like 25 double plays to save him time and again.

So much For Miami Dons Bet Cleavland the whole way theory. Hope you took a fucking bath on Cleveland, And by the way Don try to show some class at the poker tables for a change. Yes you may take a few bad beats But telling everyone how bad they are just makes you look bad.

Now you may be asking what he said to get my Irish up. Well here is a few quotes from last weeks tourney. This also isn't the First time that Don has chosen to open up his Mouth and spout off after he Lost.

"MiamiDon (Observer): all the donks going deep
when it doesnt' matter"

"MiamiDon (Observer): side bet nobody at this
table makes TOC"

"MiamiDon (Observer): only sore is on your

'All we need is one more win for the Indians. I like Sabathia to bounce back tomorrow night with a better effort but it will tough against Boston's only pitcher Josh Beckett."

Hmm seems like a Pattern here, Don Loses and Takes it out on the rest of us. Well I think that
these Blogger games are supposed to be fun so either he is taking it too seriously or he is just an Ass to people who he feels superior too? which is it folks?

Did anyone watch the Patriots dismantaling of the Dolphins? What a show.
anyone want to argue that the Patriots are Not the Best team in the NFL?
Tom Brady who threw 24 touch downs all of last year has already exceeded that number in
7 games. Peyton Mannings record of 49 Touchdowns might be broken by week 14 if teams can't figure out a way to stop the Patriot offense.

Anyone else find Patrick Crayton's comments following the loss to the Patriots funny.

"Several Cowboys said they hoped to see the Patriots again. If so, that would be in the Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., in February.

But receiver Patrick Crayton took it a step further -- saying the only question is whether the Patriots will get that far.

"If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again," Crayton said. "Seriously, I'm not backing down from that statement. If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again."

And while Crayton came away with much respect for the Patriots offense, he said the Patriots defense isn't that good."

Yeah they aren't that good Keep thinking that folks. Ohh yeah and we need to cheat to win.

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