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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bodog Kicks Me in the Junk ..

It might actually be more fun if it were a live person.

Just knocked out of a $5 tourney 90th out of 337 when KK gets outflopped by QQ.
Man that is so frustrating, I played well for almost 3 hours only to get knocked out.
ahh the joys of Tournament poker.

This was after taking a beat and being knocked down to 1200 chips from 6500. early in the 2nd hour. I know I am a Donk but i Feel like I am starting to make better decisions more often.
which really should be the goal right? Right.

Oh well atleast the Redsox who decided to let all the Rockies fans out there have one last glimemr of hope before slamming that door shut once and for all.

DO we Dare get out the brooms???