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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Running up the score? Stop your Bitching

Running up the score?

Nov. 14 Houston - W (49-14)
Nov. 21 at Chicago - W (41-10)
Nov. 25 at Detroit - W (41-9)
Dec. 5 Tennessee - W (51-24)

Wow look at those scores these are from 2004 when the Peyton manning and the Colts were setting the Touchdown Passing records.
I am curious if anyone was accusing Mr Manning of running up the scores that year, Or complaining of Peyton Manning staying in to throw
a Td while ahead by 4 touchdowns?

How about these victories for the Joe Gibbs-coached Redskins of 1991:

45-0 Detroit

34-0 Phoenix

42-17 Cleveland

56-17 Atlanta

41-14 Pittsburgh

41-10 Detroit

or better yet that talking head Hippocrite Steve Young.
Here are just some of the scores of the San Francisco-Atlanta series during Young’s tenure leading the post-Montana 49ers:

* 1992 – San Fran 56, Atlanta 17
* 1992 – San Fran 41, Atlanta 3
* 1994 – San Fran 42, Atlanta 3
* 1994 – San Fran 50, Atlanta 14

Sure the Patriots are Running it up. What should they do kneel 3 times and Punt?
Tom Bradys last series against Washington started with 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter.
then instead of kicking a field goal they went for it on 4th and 1 thereby giving the redskins a chance to actually stop them instead of
putting up 3 more easy points.

Matt cassell the Backup QB ran 15 yards for a touchdown,
kyle eckell the 3rd or 4th string Runningback scored a 4th Quarter touchdown. these were not the starters as a matter of fact that last touchdown happened when the 3rd string QB was in the game.

thats the 2nd and 3rd string QB's and Rb's scoring not the starters.

Redskins Go a Little Too Quietly
» Michael Wilbon
NFL teams compete on a level playing field, so the notion that a team should voluntarily stop beating another is dumb.

This may be the smartest thing Michael Wilbon has ever said. THIS ISN'T POP WARNER folks.

NFL coaches interviewed on Sirius NFL Radio in recent days have commented on scoring points with big leads. Here are some of their comments, courtesy of Sirius' media relations department:

#1 John Fox, Carolina Panthers: “Typically in this league when you have the game in hand you do call off the dogs a little bit but not to the point where you could lose the game. You never can relax too much.”

#2 Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars: “You play to win. If you can score, score. Your job, as a defense, as an opponent, is to slow them down. Offensively you want to score. Obviously, late in the fourth quarter you’re going to make sure your starters don’t get hurt and things like that going forward but you still keep playing football.”

# 3 Herm Edwards, Kansas City Chiefs: “I just think that obviously [the Patriots] are going at a pace right now, they’re just playing. They’re having fun playing football. You’re caught in a bad situation there when you have a lead like that. All coaches have been in that situation. Sometimes you’ve been the guy that had the lead and sometimes you’ve been the guy on the other side of it. And that’s what’s great about athletics. People always look into things, trying to figure out is there something that he’s trying to do or say. The coach that is winning, does he run the ball on fourth down or does he pass the ball on fourth down? I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just one of those deals. There’s a lot being made out of things and at the end I think the thing you’ve got to realize is this. You’ve got a team that is playing very very good, setting all kinds of record. When I watch those guys play, they’re having fun. They’re just having fun playing football.”

# 4 Brad Childress, Minnesota Vikings: “You’re talking about the Washington Redskins and one of the highest paid coaches in the National Football League and a staff full of head coaches and they’re coaching, too. Games can get left-handed like that, unfortunately, and New England has a way of making you be left-handed.”

# 5 Lane Kiffin, Oakland Raiders: “Coach Gibbs, I believe, said he had no issues with it. It’s so hard to win and so hard to score I don’t think that there really is running up the score. You’re just playing your players and trying to get better. In this league your backups do have so few opportunities to play that, from my perspective, if we were ever in that situation we would definitely run plays and put in some of our younger guys that otherwise don’t play.”

# 6 Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers: “We’re responsible for keeping their score down. They aren’t. That’s just being competitive. That’s what this game is about. That’s what any game is about. I have no comment or opposition to them ringing up as many points as they’re capable of.

I guess the patriots are the new team to hate.
well bring it on bitches.
atleast we are not Dirty oh wait the bills accused us of that too.

Pats 38-28 on sunday.

Am I a Homer? Maybe but everyone wants to jump on and make an excuse for why the Patriots are winning.
How about they are fucking good. Better than almost every team by a wide margin.