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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cheating in a Blogger tourney?

InstantTragedy: Okie... You and me Cat...
Bushay36: grr
InstantTragedy: 1440
InstantTragedy: Not sure on this platform yet
Bushay36: why dont you just stop commenting and play
Bushay36: if i suck then take my chips
Bushay36: but you dont have to be a jerk about it
InstantTragedy: Blow Blow, Seminole wind
InstantTragedy: I have never said a thing about you at all
NumbBono: Sean, stop being a ****
InstantTragedy: no christmas card fo you numb
lightning36: Just add water ...
Bushay36: and bam
Bushay36: instant *********
Bushay36: not like you two arent playing together anyways
Bushay36: you havent gone against each other all game
Bushay36: odd
Bushay36: eveytime he calls or raises, you are out most of the time
Bushay36: vice versa
NumbBono: So you are flat out accusing us of cheating?

InstantTragedy: JackACE!
NumbBono: Go F yourself
lightning36: Holy Hoy!
Bushay36: watch
Bushay36: i dont care bout u guys im saying it for the other players

Let me state I just thought this was funny. This from a Guy who admitted in chat that he wasn't a blogger just saw the tourney and went looking for a password.

good stuff.