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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Patriots Roll, Redsox Sweep? Bodog 100k

52 points and counting. Wow I thought the Redskins defense was good. so much for being the 5th ranked defense in the league.

Its funny how the Patriots make a supposedly good defense look so bad.

52-7 is the Final. Guess thats going to hurt the Redskins 14.5 ppg average.

Atleast now we all get the matchup we wanted 7-0 Colts vs 8-0 Patriots.

How bout them Redsox. Get out the Brooms this World Series ends tonight.
the Redsox bats are seemingly too much for the Colorado Pitchers.
It is too bad, The Rockies Really did play so well to get to this point and Hope that that isn't Forgotten.