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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I am King of the Donks

Yes I am a Donk, A thought on Table talk.Ok So open shoving with 55 is not a good idea when You have an above average stack. It is funny that the conversation in the Irc window was about getting bored mid stage in a MTT and then I go and do something so fucking stupid it is sad.
I have a hard enough time playing good in the first place but then to go do something like that just angers me beyond words.

Congrats to this Friend of Luckos
for taking down the Mookie and a seat in the TOC.

Now on to my Rant for today.

Kattitude said this
1. Presto is not gold. In fact, it is quite the opposite.(wwonka)
2. JJ is OK indeed.
3. AA is not.
4. Those who donk off a massive, huge lead are really no better than the donks they mock on a regular basis. So stop throwing stones from your glass house.

Hmm I wonder who she is talking about? could it be KOD? who after I donked off my stack had a HUGE stack but was gone way before the money??

Your favorite Cartoonist DuggleBogey had this to say.
"When you get knocked out of a tournament on a bad beat, that's when your true character comes out.

Some people seem to think that when they lose their temper and start calling names, that's somehow acceptable because theres some sort of grace period after they lose.

But they've got it backwards. They'd have you believe that they are actually very nice people, but once in a while an asshole part of them comes out under some circumstances.

But they're actually full of shit. They are REALLY that asshole. That's their real self, hiding behind the facade all that time. The nice guy act is so that people will interact with them at all. This is especially true if they want something from you.

Just remember, when someone acts like a real jerkoff after getting a bad beat, they're not acting."

The Best BasketBall coach I ever had stressed the point that you win with class and you lose with class.
My Grandmother used to tell me when I was dating to watch how the girls treated the waitress.
cause this is a demonstration of their true character. It is alot like How you lose is more important than how you win.

No one likes to lose especially not to a bad beat but show some class folks. Win with class lose with class then no one can
ever wonder about you.

I was wrong for calling out MiamiDon last week for his comments at the table. But I find that this type of talk is
not acceptable. I highly doubt he would say this stuff to someone at a live tourney if he wanted to keep all his teeth in his mouth.
so why is it acceptable online when playing with friends and acquaintances?

Tonight is the Riverchasers tourney at 9 on Full Tilt Poker. see you there.

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