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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being Sick Sucks Monkey Balls

Ok so running yourself ragged while you have a bad head/chest cold is not a good idea.

But free tickets on friday night to see the celtics get smoked by the knicks.
work a double on saturday and then get up at 8 am sunday to go to the Patriots game
makes for a long weekend.

While it was nice to see a Celtics game in person, I wish they could have lost by less than 25.
they are a young team. lots of promise but short term they are going to lose way more than they will win.

I went to My first and probably last patriots game of the year, Why well I work retail and
I have to work sundays in december :( .

It was nice to see the Patriots win against a good Team for a change.
Did the Pat's play well? Not really But Chicago's defense is probably the best in the league.
It was too bad to see Junior Seau Break his Arm, that looked real nasty and incase you didnt see it here it is.

Although i was against him signing with the pats he was fitting in real well and this is another big loss for the patriots. Hopefully he will heal up and not have any lasting effects from this

hopefully the train that is running over my head will stop soon.



TripJax said...

Damn that picture of his arm is raunch! I saw it happen live and I knew immediately he was gone for the season. Ouch...

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the let it ride comment... it was just enough of a win to get me a bit more cash this week.

I also got frisky and made some good cash on the Colts win later that night as well.