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Saturday, November 25, 2006

tough Road ahead

Wow just looking at the patriots Old Uniforms gives me the willie's Lots of bad memories
to go along with those uni's.

The 86 superbowl the 1-15 season, so on and so forth.

The Bears are an Interesting team,
are they as strong as everyone thinks or are they just playing in an inferior conference???
The bears are awsome on defense but they are banged up and missing a few key players(mike Brown, Ricky manning Jr).
they score 40% of their points on defense so not turning the ball over is extremely important against the bears.

I think the pats will win by 14, 34-24 but it will be closer than most think. the spread is
3.5 point favorite and you get 3 for being at home s the game is in essence a pickem????
the Patriots should have thier way with the Bears by controlling the clock.
If the patriots win they are back in the drivers seat for a bye with denver losing on Turkey day.
and they really need to win to keep the distance on Miami and the jets who is looking better each week.

Pats bye 14, 34-24

poker has been Blah lately. Had some donk at a 6.50 sng tell me he had notes on me
and that him calling my ALLin with J4o was a good play on his part. because his notes told him so. Note made in his file and I will be looking to play with him again.

just banging around not making much progress on the Bankroll lately.
but I still enjoy playing which is the good part. Just wish the Roll would go up at a noticable rate
I feel like I play well but sometimes that isn't enough.
Maybe someday I will learn the secret.

4pm sat my buddy just called with Tix to the Pats- chicago game.
get to see the Patriots win in person.



Anonymous said...

Have fun at the game... hopefully it turns out the way you said it should.

Put my $40 win from last week on the Pats so lets see how that turns out.