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Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years ago today September 11th





Yes is has been 7 years since the Terrorist Bombings of September 11 2001, 7 years and it seems like just yesterday.
I remember where I was when i first heard the news. My Oldest Daughter who was 2 when it happened has no Memory and asked me if it really happened.

We as Americans Must never forget what was taken from us that day and we must Fight to protect ourselves everyday from those who would Kill us for no reason other than Using a Perverted Religious Doctrine.

My heart goes out to all the Family's that lost loved ones on this day 7 years ago.


Miami Don aka (THE WHORE MASTER) Posted a Link to Kissing Susie Kolber which had the funniest letter I have seen in a long time.

Kissing Susie Kolber
"I cannot see how you can allow league play to continue in light of this incredible facking tragedy. We, the legendary Baston fans, ahhh suffaring! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, YOU NEW YARK FAGGOT?! This is the warst tragedy of ow-uh times. It’s fahhh warse than that 9/11 shit. Sure-ah, those camelfackahs killed lawts of people, but they also took out a shitload of faggot Yankee fans, AND NO TEARS NEED TO BE SHED OVAH THAT! "



Here is my Bold Prediction. The Patriots will still make it farther than the San Diego Chargers will even without Tommy Terrific (Brady).

10-6 they will win the east and Win the SuperBowl just like in 2001.

Ok seriously I doubt that will happen but as far as everyone writing off this season because we lost One Player even if said Player is the Reigning League MVP is silly. The New England Patriots have enough Talent to win without Brady,

Yes he was a Huge Loss and not one that is to be Pooh Poohed but I remember back when Drew Bledsoe went down and look what Happened that year. The Patriots are also Lucky to be Playing in the Afc East where other than the Bills the rest of the Teams are not that good. Sure the Jets are better with Farve but he showed last week he is still going to make so Really stupid throws and the Dolphins just plain SUCK.

Someone tell Vince Young's Mom to Shut the FUCK UP. Does she think she is actually helping her Son with her Comments?


No Poker lately. all my accounts are tapped out unless someone wants to take some cash on Paypal for some on Full Tilt or Stars. Anyone?

I had a pretty big hangover after the BBT3 ended Badly for me. but I am Starting to Miss Playing some of the Blogger tourneys. Hopefully I will be back soon.


Thanks for reading.