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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2nd Best day of the year Today

Welcome to the Donkey Show.


Today is the 2nd Best day of the year. Why is that you ask. Well today is the Day the Kiddies go back to school.
Other than all the Goddamn school busses clogging up traffic today is a Wonderful day. It was nice to bring the kids to school and see all the Milfs dropping off their evil spawn.

Both of my Daughters seemed to be happy with the Teachers they ended up with and with all the trouble we had with the oldest daughter last year in school it was nice to see her looking forward to the start of the school year.

I have 2 weeks till my trip to Dallas/Hurst Texas. I am going to Visit one of my oldest friends and see the Redsox Play the Rangers. Should be a Fun time since It is always nice to spend so time with friends. The One Bad thing if you want to call it that is that the Redsox game we are going to see is on Opening Day for the NFL. I might actually miss The New England Patriots first game of the year and that my Friends and readers (all 2 of you) is the #1 Best day of the year. It is the Day when every Fans Hopes are the Highest. It is the day when The Fans In San Diego and Miami have some hope for a good season even though they Know their Teams are a Bunch of Losers.

I mean the Chargers have about as much a shot of winning the SuperBowl as the Miami Dolphins Right Smokkee?  although right now from the looks of the Patriots (0-3) this preseason they can't beat anyone.

Should be a fun Football season what with Brett Farve in NY and all.

Poker has been Meh Lately. I went to Foxwoods with RakeFeeder last Wednesday and ended up down $70 after all was said and done. I bought into the 6 p.m. tourney which is now $230 with T10,000 and 25 min levels. RakeFeeder and I actually didn't arrive at Foxwoods and bought in at 6:25 what was interesting is that I was brought to a table and was given a stack that had been blinded off I started with 9825. Not 3 minutes after I sat down someone busted and they put a New player in that seat and gave him a full 10k stack I then asked why wasn't I given a Full stack since I had not bought in Prior to the start of the Tourney but I didn't actually make a stink about it although the Dealer did agree with me.

I managed to double up my stack and end the first hour with 22k. I busted shortly after the 2nd break when I reraised all in with AK to Isolate a small stacks all in and the BB woke up with AA I flopped a K but couldn't get lucky and bust around 40th. So What to do other than play 1/2Nl till 5:30am. So I consider leaving down $70 not too bad since I won my Tourney Buy in back and the Time Charge is $10 per hour.

I haven't been playing Online Much, mainly cause I am Busto and don't feel like putting any more money on right now. I do miss playing the Blogger tourneys and I am sure I will start up again soon.


thanks for reading.