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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Riverchasers, Patriots

Is there anyone else who can't wait for the NFL season to start???
Maybe it is because the Patriots are looking good.

Bob Kraft Hired a private jet to fly anyone on the team down to New Orleans for the funeral of
Marquis Hill. Small gesture but It means alot to the players. as everyone who spoke to the media today said so.

This is why Players such as Moss are willing to take less money for a chance to Play for a class organization that will give them a chance to win.

Patriots are in Passing camp and Moss and Adalius thomas are both there.
here is a piece from Reiss' Pieces

Five final observations from today's passing camp at Gillette Stadium:

  • 1) Adalius Thomas on the move. The Patriots' big free-agent signing has been advertised as a versatile player who can line up at various positions. This was evident in one of the team's final sets of drills in 11 on 11 work, as Thomas moved from inside linebacker, to playing with his hand on the ground as a down lineman/rusher, to backpedaling in pass coverage. Thomas spent much of the practice lining up at inside linebacker.

  • 2) Tom Brady in command. As one would expect, when Brady is running a drill, there is no question as to who is in charge. While it's the offseason, players weren't in pads, and it was only a small snapshot of a much larger picture, Brady looks as sharp as ever.

  • 3) Randy Moss in focus. It was interesting to watch Moss developing a rapport with Tom Brady and Co. in the passing game. Moss worked as an outside receiver, and showed a part of his competitive side when slipping on the wet field during drills in which there was no defense. He pounded the ground in frustration and shouted. In 11 on 11 drills, Moss caught one touchdown pass down the left sideline from Tom Brady (Tory James in one-on-one coverage) but shortly before that play, he couldn't corral a long pass down the right sideline from Matt Cassel (cornerback Mike Richardson in coverage, with help from safety Rashad Baker). On the latter play, Moss was knocked to the ground by accident as Baker closed in and couldn't pull up in time.

  • 4) Interceptions. Second-year defensive back Willie Andrews and 11-year veteran defensive back Chad Scott both intercepted Matt Cassel in 11 on 11 drills near the end of practice. Andrews, playing safety, showed solid instincts to gather in the interception after the ball was tipped on a throw behind Kelley Washington.

  • 5) Media interest. For perspective on the interest the Patriots are generating among the media, consider that 50 members of the media were granted credentials for this passing camp. A crew from ESPN and the NFL Network were among the crowd.

  • Say it with me, 1 more month.

    see you tonight

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