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Friday, October 06, 2006


Since Congress decided to Stick up the Ass of every
Online Poker players I havent writen anything on it.
I just couldn't put what bothered me the most into words
then i read this post on Amy's Blog and she hit it on the Head.

AimlesslyChasingAmy: "I play(ed) poker online. But losing that opportunity doesn’t even make my top three issues I have with this legislation. While pork and private agendas in legislation have failed to surprise me for decades, Frist’s blatant cramming of this legislation into this particular bill managed to crack even my disillusioned foundation. The fact that this security bill fails to secure mass transportation in deference to Frist’s catering of Leach’s anti-gaming fetish should (but sadly may not) irk more than online gamers. And then there are some trivial concerns like privacy and government control; issues that the Republicans actually used to claim as their moral high ground. It is tragic that this becomes yet another poster child for how public policy can be hijacked by a couple of well positioned morons."

Head on over and Read the rest of the post.