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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays - Go Patriots

I just wanted to take a Moment and Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas,
And a happy and Healthy New Year. Please take a Moment and Think of all the
Friends you have and be Grateful for everything. Since you never know
when it will all come to an end.

I Miss the single days When About 10 of Us Jewish friends would meet up for Chinese
and a Movie on Christmas day. But when you marry a shiksa this is what happens.

ok enough of that mushy crap. Take the Pats playing a tough Jacksonville team on the road.
The Pats Need to win since they Might not make the Playoffs if they lose. The Jets are right on their heels and Play The Raiders next week.

I hope everyone has a happy and Healthy Holiday season and Safe travels.

Head on over to Ryan's Blog to get his take on Rudolph The Latently Homosexual Reindeer

"Seriously, the whole damn thing is goddamn Commie Gay Martian propaganda. Rudolph comes out of the womb with a nose that is downright flaming, and is immediately shamed into the closet by his alpha-male father. Then he gets excited while headbutting another young buck (coughERECTIONcough) and is banned from participation in the masculinity-affirming “reindeer games”, disappointing Santa, who is clearly a big ol’ redneck cracker bigot. (Yes, Rudolph then walks a girl reindeer home, but she is clearly destined for Reindeer Vassar.)"