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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Terrell Owens is a Douche Bag who.....

Terrell Owens is a Douche Bag who Cost me My Fantasy Football Championship.
Really you ask how? well catch the Fucking ball thats how, Dropping a Fucking 40 Yard Pass cause he got pushed and then didn't think the ball was going to get to him, Fuck you CATCH THE GODDAM BALL YOU PUSSY. You shoot of your mouth and then drop the ball. Nice Job asswipe.
You shriveled up like A Dick in cold water. Face it your not an elite receiver your not even #1 on your own team. which is sad since Terry Glenn is outshining you.

So Mr Owens if you want to make it right Send me a check for $300 to make up the difference your Multiple drops in the game cost me.

Atleast the Patriots decided to play a solid game this week and Clinched the AFC east which is
Probably the Toughest division in the NFL. Pats, Jets, Bills and Miami. yes its the toughest from top to bottom.

Pats have 1 more game to win before they play proably the Jets or the Bengals.
But if the Colts Lose again we could actually be the 3 seed.