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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Maybe I am getting Old.

What a weekend.

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to any Fellow MOT's out there.

Not much to report On the poker scene I have been spinning my wheels taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards in regards to the bankroll.
I did finish 11th last night in a 10+1 on FullTilt
and was poised to go deep when my AK couldn't beat 77 and my AK couldnt outrun A6.

I Fucked up my Knee Playing Football this weekend, So that is a bummer I think it is just a
cartilige tear (hopefully) I will have an MRI this sunday so we shall then know the full extent of the injury. The worst part is that It was a non contact injury so for everyone who says i am too old. I dont think so. It was due to happen sooner or later. I had my right knee done 19 years ago.
So that was my sunday morning, AND then I had to watch
my Patriots Lose and look
like they were asleep for most of the game.

Good thing its a 16 game schedule. too bad they have to play the Bengals this sunday
hopefully they can rebound.