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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vegas and the Patriots.

Wow I guess I am the only Loser not in VEGAS with the rest of the Bloggers.
Well I can't actually go this time of year, Since I work in retail and taking a weekend
off in the middle of December is really not an option.

Good News is that My Good friend Rob is home on leave from Iraq for 2 weeks.
I let him Convince me to go to foxwoods on thursday to play the 10am tourney.
$100 buyin $80, $20 juice, T1500 to start with 20 min levels, With the blinds doubling every round. Not alot of play for that fee you might say.

Not much to report on my outing played tight and stole a few blinds to stay right around
T1100 until the 2rd level started when it was 50/100 I woke up UTG+1 with KK and
raised to 300 and the guy from MP ReRaises to 600, I pushed for about 600 more which had the guy covered and he flips over AA. He catches an A on the flop and IGHN. I actually had T25 left but that didnt go so well.

Played some 4/8 limit which played like a 1/2 game 4-7 people seeing every flop.
3 limpers A raise and 5 calls. that about sums it up.
got stuck early by flush chasing Bums (yeah that really looked the part) but grinded about 3/4th of it back before heading off to eat.

So not a great day at the Woods But I do like playing Live. there is something about Taunting the bums and trying to tilt them that I find Sickly amusing.

Hope everyone in vegas Gets Food Poisioning from some free buffet. Naw Just kidding.

Too Bad the Patriots forgot that the Game started at 1pm today.
maybe they can pick it up during the second half.

4pm. update.

Well that was a fucking joke of a game for the patriots.
They got outplayed and made the same stupid mistakes they have been for the last
4 weeks and this time they got shut out. I am starting to think they will be
a 1 and Done team in the Playoffs this year, that is assuming they actually make it in.