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Monday, December 04, 2006

Patriots Cheerleaders

Nickleanddimes: "Did either team even want to win or were they worried more about hypothermia due to the 15 million cold weather mentions by Fox Sports? Yes, it’s Chicago, its December, its outdoors, so it might not be 75 and Sunny."

What game is Drizz talking about? My guess is the vikes game.
But he might as well as have been talking about the Patriots-Lions.
Talk about two teams trying to give the Game away. Maybe the Patriots
thought the game started at 4?

I still want to believe that the Patriots are NFL elite, but I am starting
to think they are not even in the top 3 anymore. The injury's are starting to
pile up like billy joels accidents. They are Paper thin at Linebacker and Vrabel got hurt at the
end of the game. Maroney got hurt also and he would be a huge loss, Dillion still has alittle left but his nowhere near an every down back anymore.

Now I do believe that if they can get healthy. Getting Rodney Harrison back for the playoffs and
maybe a LB back and that is assuming that There is nothing Major wrong with Laurence Maroney and they are real close. Why you ask? Well Tom Brady is the Best Qb in the NFL.
thats why and As long as he is standing they will have a shot.

they could go 4-o or 2-2 in these last 4 games at first they looked easy but
Miami always plays the Patriots tough. then the Texans, Jacksonville and then they finish with Tennessee, who will be fighting for a playoff spot with a young QB.

Not as easy as it looked 3 weeks ago. But who knows what 4 weeks of NFL action will bring,



SirFWALGMan said...

They are absolutely playoff bound.. Not sure they are good enough to win a Super Bowl but they have fooled us before.. Health issues are a problem.

Anonymous said...

That Vikes/Bears game made watching Cars 3 times back-to-back tolerable.