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Monday, October 30, 2006

What a weekend it was

Had a busy weekend. Had Knee surgery on wensday to remove the torn Cartilidge from my left
Knee. Surgery went Ok But My doctor found that I Tore my ACL also (Fuckme).

Then I ran a Poker tourney with 29 players on saturday which went well.
I busted out my Full tilt Hockey Jersey.for the event.
29 players 3k in chips with 30 min levels till level 8. After that we went to 20 min levels.
I ended up going out 7th when I got it allin with JJ against a shorter 99 and AQ who had me covered. Flop came 9 high and a Q on the river and I was out. I would have been happy with the side pot since it was bigger than the main.

so what do we do then we head down to foxwoods at 8:30 sat night since playing since 1pm wasnt enough.

My Boy BC bought dinner at the Hard Rock which was ok. but free is free right????
we bought into the same $120 sng and i busted out 7th again when KQ called my preflop raise.
and flopped 2 pair.

so decided to play one more and ended up at a table with with 4 ladys who were all friends.
My General game is TIGHT Aggressive since people like to limp and chase down there.

we get 4 way with 2,3,4,8 seats left. and the 2 and 8 seats are sisters.
the woman in the 9 seat didnt leave her seat and was telling the woman in the 8 how to play.
so what do i do I speak up and tell her nicely to shut her mouth. since she isnt even in the game she shouldn't even be sitting at the table anymore nevermind coaching the 8 seat.

long story short I ended up winning the sng for $500 after sucking out with J4 to take a commanding lead. But even then It wasn't easy my Hu opponent was in the 3 seat and me in the 4. he doubled up when he was AI for less than the blind. and then procedded to push like 4 hands in a row when i had 82, 84, 74 and 72s, he was starting to get frustrated when i said I wish i could call with 72 and flipped it face up, here is where HU sngs help alot getting comfortable with the situation. Finally got it all in with AT and it held up for the win.

so I won $220 for the day which isn't too bad. too bad I didn't get home till 3am.

Sunday went by in a blur. No Patriots so means not so much intrest in watching the NFL games
other than My Fantasy Teams.

Tonight is the Big game with alot of money $10 riding on the outcome. Drizz just send the money to my stars account now. since the Pats will be victorious.

can u believe they lost to the RAIDERS?
so much for a repeat they aren't going to make the playoffs.
making it easier for the Patriots to return to thier rightfull spot on top.

Patriots 24
Vikings 17



Drizztdj said...

Just let me know where you want your 10 Brady Bucks sent to. :)