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Thursday, October 20, 2005


went to foxwoods today.

getting up at 5:30am which is a Drag, But since it is a 1 hour drive and I had to pick up my buddy Rob that is when the day started.
The tourney starts at 8:00. The cost is 45 + 15 so it is reasonable.
you start with 1500 chips and I never really got going.
we had one guy at the table to my immeditate left who got smacked in the face with the deck.
he ran up to 10k about 1 hour in. After making a few failed attempts to steal and losing most of my stack, I ended up pushing all in with A5 for less than the blind and who calls but the big guy with 55. He caught a 5 on the flop and a full house on the turn, IGHN

so since it is only 9:30 put my name on the list for the 4-8 game.
get seated at a new table with my Buddy Rob,
proceed to run my $100 buy in up to about 260 before giving some of it back after 3 hours.
cash out 180 so I made my tourney buyin back.

the play at the 4-8 tables is pretty week, typical hand would see 4-5 limpers in each hand.
even when i would raise would get 5 callers.

we had 1 old guy who would call down with any drawing hand and would shake his head when
he didnt get there pretty funny.

one guy thought 9-3os was a great hand to call a preflop raise with.

all in all i played pretty good shoulda let a few hands go earlier than I did.



Rob said...

The 4/8 was weaker than I had expected it to be. I moved up to it because on my last trip to Foxwoods the 2/4 was a joke. Everyone called any bet on any street. It was literally "Any Two Will Do..." Seven players to the river was a common occurance.

The 4/8 started out with an immediate $60 loss when my BB special nut straight on the flop was rivered by a full house. Oh well, just grind it out.

We played for about 3-4 hours, and there was a good discussion of the hammer, started by Billy of course.

I wound up cashing out $469, minus my $200 buy in and $60 tourney so I was up $209 until I paid for Billys lunch...

3 weeks until my involuntary activation for Operation Iraqi Freedom begins ..