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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Staying Local

I played a home game of sorts last night.
I got to play with Wendell Barnes who finished 7th at the wsopc 10k event .
$50 buy in for 2k in chips with 1 $50 rebuy and 1 $50 addon for 2k in chips.
The structure was very good with 25 min levels blinds starting at 25/25

I am really happy with the way I played. I had Wendell to my imidiate left for about the first 90 min or so till the table broke and Generally tried to stay out of his way.

couple of notable hands were
I was the dealer
and was dealt K10h
flop comes QJ9h
it gets checked around to the Hijak who bets 300 or so and I call
turn is a blank, check check.
river is a blank he bets about half the pot and I raise to 2k
he folds and I show it. he actually had the Ah.

I tried to play tight aggresive since people would call with pretty much anything.
got it all in with 99 against KQ and chipped up.

Got it all in again with KK what the person 2 to my right jammed with AQ.
and doubled up to about 15k.
which was probably 2nd in chips at the time. with like 13 to go.
I just hung around picking up pots that no one wanted and waited
and waited
and waited and waited and waited and waited.
finally picked up 99 again raised and somone pushed for about 5k.
I call and he has KJ catches his J and I am down to about 10k.

just hung around letting everyone else knock heads.

finally down to 6 with 4 getting paid and I am in the big blind 800/1600
everyone folds to the sb who completes, I then push for like 7500 more
with a10d and he insta calls with a slow played AK and IGHN.

I am happy with the way I played even the last hand since this player had been in alot of pots.
Wendell did tell me after he would have done the same thing since he didn't put him on Ak
and that made me feel alittle better. Knowing that I didn't fuck it up.
My Buddy Brian who was short stacked the whole final table just hung around and slid into 4th.