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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yeah Baby!!!!!

I actually managed to win one of these things in only my 2nd try at them. I finshed 45th the night before but thought they were pretty easy.

So you ask what it takes. well these are my thoughts.

#1 Play tight early have one Dumbass Push Monkey at your table to double up off of.

#2 Continue to play tight aggressive stealing pots that no one wants.

#3 and probably most important is to win your flips But try not to get into one too early if you can avoid it. (this is a problem for too many players)

#4 Suckout once to put you near the chip lead then start to crush your table. as you get near the money and everyone tightens up.

I will post some hands later when I get home.



actyper said...

Nice win, congrats!