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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ask Your Congressman to Support HR-2046

Facts About HR 2046
The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007

of our freedoms will now launch a campaign to undermine HR 2046. We
need to be armed with the facts to defend our rights.

HR 2046 protects poker players.
Applicants for a gaming license would be required to provide
comprehensive financial statements and corporate structure documents,
and to agree to be subject to U.S. jurisdiction and all applicable laws
related to Internet gambling. No license would be granted to any
applicant convicted of a criminal violation of any law relating to
gambling, money laundering, fraud or other financial laws.

HR 2046 protects consumers.
The framework set forth in the bill would for the first time
effectively regulate Internet gambling, thus making it possible to
address underage and compulsive gambling, neither of which are
prevented under prohibition regimes. Regulation combined with proven
technology would establish a system of effective controls to block
children and compulsive gamblers from gambling.

If HR 2046 becomes law, online poker will be safe, secure and regulated. The bill would create stringent licensing to ensure that poker operators are legitimate. HR 2046 protects poker players, and it protects consumers.

your elected representatives need to hear your voice. Ask your U.S.
Representative to support HR 2046, and to add their name as a

Poker Players Alliance

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