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Friday, May 04, 2007

Poker can Kill? Riverchasers futility again.

What can I say My goal in last night Riverchasers event was to not bust out early and that is exactly what I did.

Flush chasing Fucktards who call big raises with 97s preflop nice going donkey. and the Call on the flop was better.

Here was an interesting post on Pocket5's

poker can kill: "poker can kill

"After finishing up my usual 30 hour poker binge this morning I suffered a heart attack!

I'm in still in shock that this actually happened to me im thin and only 28. I called the ambulance after experincing sever chest pains, more like a fat dude was sitting on my chest.

I take ritalin after shortly truing adderall and the doctor at the hospital has banned me from taking anymore stimulants. This was probably one of the reaqsons for the heart attack. I was snorting about 300 mg a day when i was poker binging.

just thought id let evryone know that playing marathon sensions may not be too good for your health"
Like Someone else said Snorting 300mg couldn't have had anything to do with it right????? what an assclown. the max dosage for ritalin is 60mg a day ( I looked it up). so this drug addict was taking 5 times the recomended daily dose and he is going to blame poker for his heart attack??????

The NFL football draft was last weekend, Lots of stuff going on.
  1. The raiders did the right thing in taking Jemarcus russell,
  2. The Miami Dolphins taking Ted Guinn jr instead of Brady Quinn.
  3. The Patriots taking The Stomper and then trading for Randy Moss
  4. Brady Restructuring to make room for Moss.

Here are the details of brady's restructuring,
here are the details of quarterback Tom Brady's restructured contract:

The Patriots took Brady's $6 million base salary in 2007 and paid $5.28 million of it to Brady in the form of a signing bonus.

That lowered Brady's base salary in 2007 to $720,000.

By restructuring Brady's contract, the Patriots saved $3.96 million in cap space in 2007.

As for the rest of the deal, Brady's base salary remained the same in 2008, at $5 million.

His base salary increased to $5 million in 2009. He was previously scheduled to earn $2.3 million in base salary in 2009.

Brady's base salary remained the same in 2010, at $3.5 million.

Brady did not take a pay cut as part of the restructure.

MOSS DEAL: WR Randy Moss's base salary for 2007 is for $2.5 million. He has a $500,000 roster bonus as part of the deal. There are $1.5 million in escalators/incentives in the contract.

Is that not a No Lose situation for the Patriots??

You can listen to Bill Belichick comments about the draft and Moss here.


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