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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WWDN, dONKEYS and hookers with No teeth

I was wondering if there were any hookers with no teeth?

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments

My futility at these tourney's continues tonight.

I played the WWdn minus WW so we missed all the Inane Chatter from the Railbirds last night.

Had a Good stack until lost a Key race on what I think was a Terrible call by a player who shall remain Nameless.

The Action went raise, call, I push for 5.5k and the original raiser called with AQc for his whole stack of 3.5k??? WTF is someone calling with AQs there for?? yes I had just shown the hammer but still calling your whole stack off with Ac Qc is not a bright fucking move.

Managed to make the Ft but bounced in 8th 3 short of the money due to above Fuckwad.

Tonight is the MOOKIE

Tournament: The Mookie

When: Wednesday. 10pm ET

Buyin: $10+1

Password: vegas1

I asked the Question of why isn't the WWdn part of the Battle of the bloggers?? it is the longest running blogger tourney out there?


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