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Friday, August 17, 2007

Gagne Blows Another, HU win.

Hu WinWhat the Fuck is wrong with Gagne, Blowing another lead. Not only did he cost me a save and the Redsox a win.

I was at Rakefeeders house tonight when we were all done playing with others he challenged me to a HU sng.
Now Rakefeeder and I have always talked about playing Battleship HU but he was always too much of a goddam wuss to do it. I think he should wear his sunglasses next time.

we played the $10 + .50 on stars with No blind changes, Thats right 15/30 with 1500 stacks the whole time.
Wow I don't know if I have ever played a 40 min HU sng. Man that is a grind.
it is probably as close to real poker as you will see online, With very deep stacks it truly is a test
of your game. We actually went back and forth, he had me down to 800 or so at one point then I doubled thru then he did, You get the point but with no blind increases you can still be somewhat patient until you get under T500 or so. Rakefeeder is one tricky motherfucker and he probably should have won since he is a much better player than I.