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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bodog Blogger Tourney, Redsox and Patriots

Played the Bodog Blogger tourney last night. Lots of fun there only 11 players with 3k in chips and one of the best blind schedules online. I ended up busting out 5th when I let the sb limp for the millionth time and he caught 2 pair to beat my Pockets.

While Playing the Bodog Tourney I was growing increasingly frustrated wathcing the Redsox pitching staff give up the Ghost to the Tampa Bay Rays. it was 9-1 tampa before I turned the game off. So I was Shocked when I flipped back at 10:30 to find the sox leading 15-9. WTF thats what I get for Giving up on the boys in Red. J.D Pew hit his 8th Homerun and his 50th RBI not bad for 15 million.

Now lets talk about the Patriots.

Yes they got caught cheating trying to steal the defensive signals.
I think that they were Incredibly stupid for getting caught. I mean Sending your guy over to the Opponents sideline seems so goddamn stupid it is amazing. Especially since the Head Coach of said Opponent was a Patriots Coach only 2 years ago and Knows how they operate.

It would seem to me there would be an easy way to fix this once and for all. That would be to give a defensive player the same radio that the QuarterBacks have in their helmets.
You know the guys with the green dots on their helmets.

It will be interesting to see what the punishment is from Rodger Goodell. I assume it will be a loss of picks and a Fine of say 500,000. A suspension would be alittle over the top unless they are going to suspend the Camera Guy.

I find it laughable how Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson is "not surprised" the Patriots were busted for cheating. Come on Is he still hurt about being Disrespected after the Chargers Blew the Playoff game.

Are the Patriots the Only team that Does this stuff? I think Not.
Were the Patriots Stupid for getting caught? I think SO.
Will they be Punished severely? My guess is yes I think they will be made an example of.

I also think that if this was the Oakland Raiders The Uproar would Not be the same.

Hope everyone has a great day.