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Monday, January 14, 2008

Full Tilt 25k and 20k on stars

I had a Tier 2 token lying around so I figured I would play the 25k double stack on Full Tilt at 7 pm and just for fun signed up for the 20k on stars.

I made the first break in both with T4980 in the 25k on Full Tilt and T6500 on stars 20k.

Update 8:32: Currently 132 of 258 on Full Tilt and 1004 of 1281 on stars.

9:00 out of the stars 20k in like 1002 place. still alive but just barely in the 25k on bodog.
Go sucked out on knocked down to 1800 up to 2265 but blinds are 200/400/25 so need a hand soon.

this beauty got me to about 6k

2nd break up to T9044


9:44 Now up too T 14294, 49th of 80

9:55 10 till the money. shortstacked and trying to hang on.

9:58 Just doubled up to T26,838 which puts me 26 of 62 with 54 getting paid. This is the first time in the last 2 hours that I have been above average. 4 to go.

10:07 In the Money Baby. 25 of 54 with T25,888 on Full tilt

10:30 Down to 33 I currently haveT19213 with 1200/2400/300 blinds.