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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BBT3 futitility, Celtics hit 50, spitzer, clemens and Bonds

Congrats to Lucko21 who took down last nights Mondays at the Hoy. Lucko got a big lead early and never let up. At least tilt away didn't win don't know who this fucker is, but Dude shut the fuck up If i want your critique of my bad play I will ask for it.

Once again I busted short of the points or the money. I really should have just skipped it since my heart wasn't really in it. Poker has been kicking my ass lately, leaving me scratching my head sometimes and others pissed at myself for doing something that I know is Probably bad but doing it anyways.

Tonight is the Bodog Blogger Tourney and Chad's Skillz game which is PL Omaha hi. I will be at bodog Iam not sure about the skillz game.

The Boston Celtics Won their 50th game last night with 32 left. Think about the fact that they won a total of 24 games last year. What a difference a Year makes along with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

I listen to Boston based WEEI 1440 am or 850 am am the #1 sports radio in the country, They have a copy of the website which is where Eliot Spitzer liked to get his High Class Hookers from.

John Dennis asked Dan Patrick who would Play a game first, Barry Bonds, Rodger Clemens or Pacman Jones? His answer was Pacman Jones which was surprising since I figured Bonds would get a Job somewhere in MLB with an American League team where he could DH.

They then asked him which one would spend more time in Jail and He said neither would do any time?? WTF is he talking about. Rodger Clemens is Definetley going to Prison for Perjury and Bonds Most likely for Tax Evasion.

I saw this headline and wondered if it was Iggy? but then I read it again and it said Madam not Madman.




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