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Friday, August 01, 2008

I think it was for the best

Welcome to the Donkey Show.



Manny Ramierez was traded to the LA Dodgers yesterday in a 3 team deal and It is not often you trade away a Future Hall of Famer  and it makes your team better.

I guess I will have to Peel off the Ramierez off the Back of my  #24 Jersey now that he is gone. I am glad just for the fact that it is now over and Manny showed that it is always all about him and I think he was starting to tear at the Soul of the team and Last week was the first time I can remember him ever being Booed in Fenway park.

Time to move on. Good luck in LA Manny you will fit in fine since they don't care out there in LA.

I will be interested to see what Manny Ramierez gets for a contract after this season is over. Will some team (METS) step up and give him a 4 year contract when his is 36 and fast approaching DH only status?

Thanks for the Memories Manny.




Biggestron said...

I think we can agree it was Manny being Manny...

if you take into consideration that Manny was an a--hole.