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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Foxwoods Fun


So I was Sleeping of my Redsox Depression on my day off and my neighbor was knocking on my door asking if I wanted to take a ride to Foxwoods, He is Playing in the $600 tourney next week and wanted to register So I said I had to be home by 2:30 and we left arrived around 10:30  and got on the list for 1/2. Since Mohegan Sun has Reopened their Poker room it has certainly hit Foxwoods where it counts there were only 5 1/2nl tables going when  we got there and To Tell you the truth I won't go back to Foxwoods unless they change to a Raked Game instead of Time which is how Mohegan Sun takes our money which I like better plus there Chairs are really comfortable.

So I got into a New 1/2 table and bought in for 150 and basically doubled up the 3rd hand in with AJ call a raise to 12 and flop a jack to go with K7 I checked and so did everyone else turn is a J  EP checks I check and The original raiser makes it $50  the EP guy Flat Calls so I  Jam which is only $70 more and they both fold? Wtf How can you call 50 then fold for 70 more weird. Basically that was the Highlight of my 3 hours of play.

I got AQ and Raised got one caller cbet the flop and get reraised and fold to get shown AA, Nice slowplay sir. The only other hand I got involved in I had 87 and flop comes K8J turns a 3, I check guy to my left bets 25 I knew he didn’t have a king so I should have reraised right there but I just called and checked the river he checked and showed 8T with his T playing. I should have raised the turn but just another lesson for today.

The last hand I had was KK UTG and I limped and saw 6 others limp with no raiser, Fuck me right? flop comes KTx  I check since a few of there fuckers like to get tricky but everyone checks and the turn is a T, Ding So I check AGAIN and 1 guy bets 15 and I am the only caller then I lead out for 30 and he folded, Yes I know I suck.

I never could hit a flop with any of my suited connectors so I ended up +55 on the day which isn't bad.

My neighbor Signed up for the $600 tourney next week then decided to play a  1 table SNG for 140 for the same tourney. He bubbled in 3rd and I asked him if anyone ever said chop? he looked at me and scoffed he said all or nothing.  I tried to explain why a chop for say $400 each wasn't so bad since it meant basically paying $300 for the$ 600 but he wasn't buying my explanation.

I tried calling Rakefeeder but he was in the Middle of a LOOOOONG session over at Mohegan Sun and didn't answer his phone.
He did tell me a nice story about a flush but I will leave that for him.

Question on Full Tilt Poker? Why is it that there are no $3 or $4 regular sng's? there are $1+ $2 sngs but then it jumps up to $5?

Hope Everyone has a Great Weekend. 

Go Phillies.