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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They say its your Birthday, Its my birthday Too.



Welcome to the Donkey Show.

Yeah thats right I am Now 1 Year Closer to death, Wait thats a line from a Pink Floyd tune But really why do we continue to keep track after say 21. I mean after you turn 21 it is all down hill from there. Seriously your able to Legally drink yourself into a Souther Comfort Enduced Coma, Yes I tried and have not Drank Southern Comfort since that fateful night, when I thought  9 shots in 2o minutes would be no big deal, Now it  might be ok for ALCan'thang But not to someone of my background cause Jews and Blacks have never been great drinkers. Just ask Reggie White, out talents lie in other areas.

Well anyways I am another year older and Hopefully another year wiser. I am going to need it since my Oldest Daughter just turned 1o years old last week. Just in case you don't have kids here is a tip There is nothing like kids to make you realize just how old and out of touch you really are.

Maybe this will be the year I figure out what I want to do when I grow up.