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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Going Full Tilt

I have heard good things about the tourneys at full tilt so last night I found my way over there doing a Promotion for PokerSourceOnline.

I bought into the 24+2 8k guarenteed. I started off ok got up to about 2k before I lost almost
all of my chips. Down to 500 but blinds were only at 30/60 so i had time.

My biggest weakness in tourneys is being patient. But I waited and waited and waited for a hand.
Finally I got KK and got a caller. doubled up shortly after that i doubled again and I was back in bussiness. built my stack up to about 10K before I got moved to the table with the chip leader to my immediate left. and there he proceeded to stay. just kinda hung around stealing when i could.
He seemed to stay out of my way and me out of his.

finally they break my table and get moved to my new seat and who is to my left???????
none other than my buddy the chip leader, Jeez I can't catch a break.

I hang out stealing until the money which i make easily since i was 4th in chips with 40 left but got no great hands to speak of and knew that once the money hit all the short stacks would let loose. so hang out and we are down to 30 then 20 then 15 hmmm. I steal a few times since i have dropped to around 20k and lo and behold I make the Final table all from dead with 500 chips. I get knocked out 7th when i am in the BB with blinds of 1k/2k and the button limps
I have A2os and check flop come AA4, wow i am thinking of doubleing up since the limper had me by about 1k. he checks i think for about 1 sec then Push. he thinks and thinks then calls.
Yeah baby. ohh wait he has A10. dammm no 2 saves me and i am out 7th.

but all and all i was happy since I was patient and waited for the right hand to put it all in with.