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Monday, October 24, 2005

Poker Blue wsop freeroll

- Freeroll to the WPT or WSOP. Each week Poker Blue give away a seat to a high profile WPT or WSOP event. With an average of just 125 players in these freerolls, the value is huge. To get entry, all you have to do is play 4 hours or more at real money $1/$2 (or higher) tables. The freeroll takes place every Sunday.

my referral id is: gzuschrist

so logged in at 5:00 to kill some time before winning my wsop seat and sat down at a
2/4 table proceed to win $110 in about 30 min. The players at this site don't mind
calling down with bottom pair on a board of AKQ and they will flip over 33 and wonder why
they didn't win.

So the tourney starts with 147 or so. but 10 min in they pick up all the people who never showed and we are down to 127 or so.

never really got it going, But I was not patient enough
that is my biggest leak in tourneys.
if I can make it thru the first 30 min I can do pretty well.
maybe I should sit out the first 30 min every time.

Well I will have to win it next week.



DuggleBogey said...

Keep up the good work Willy.