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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I know I can't sing

Can someone tell me Why people let thier friends Go on American Idol????
I know I can't sing But I am not about to go tryout for AI and Prove it to the world.

I was watching with my 8 year old daughter and just found it amazing how many
people think they can sing well. Look if A buddy of mine says hey Billy I am going to try out for american Idol and I know they can't sing I would tell them not to go.

But I guess If I was going to tell my wife I was having an affair with her Sister (I am NOT)
I wouldn't bring her on jerry springer or whatever stupid show is on these days.
Why not you ask well I wouldn't feel the need to embarrass Her or Myself on National TV.
Like the Girl last night who couldn't even remember the words to the song. Maybe she was nervous but still Get it right sweetheart. Or atleast pick a song you can remember the words to or in the very least SOUND GOOD while you are butchering the words.

I did like the Guy who dressed up as apollo creed that was eye catching to say the least, Too BAD he couldn't sing.

Maybe if I get Lucky She won't make me watch it tonight.

I got the photo from check em out.