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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Someone Punch Humberto In the Face Please

I really wish Someone would Punch Humberto in the fucking Face and stand over him and ram that fucking shark up his ASS.
What a Fucking clown he is. Why doesn't someone ever tell him to shut the fuck up????
And we wonder why people act like idiots it is because they see this ass doing it.

check out CC's coverage

"Day 2 ended on a sour note for poker. Joe Sebok fought a short-stack masterfully almost the entire second half of Day 2. After the final dinner break with eleven players remaining, Keigh Lehr had not returned from his meal. He was in the small blind, and Humberto Brenes raised to 56k from the big blind. Joe Sebok looked down at K♥-J♥ and moved all-in for all of his 80k in chips. Brenes showed 8♠-3♠ and called, priced in for the 24k call. He began his orchestration for the cameras, and the flop of 8♣-7♦-3♣ shot Brenes into the lead. 5♥ ended the hand for Sebok, then 8♦ came on the river. Brenes screamed, "Full house!" over and over


For the casual spectator, it was an entertaining sight as Brenes grabbed two toy sharks and continued his theater. For poker players interested in any decorum at the felt, it was an utter disgrace. Sebok handled the exit with class as he went out in 11th ($21,512). When Joe Patrick beat Chris Sandrock (10th $21,512), the final table was set."

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