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Monday, July 30, 2007

Full Tilt 24k and Other random Musings.

Full Tilt 24k and other random Musings.Having won a token I figured I would try My Mad Poker skills playing the 24k, Not having played it since Full tilt decided to stop working 30 from the money on tuesday.
I figured Lets see if they can stay up for the whole tourney And More Importantly could I actually make the MONEY?????

My General goal is to survive the first hour since this is usually where most of my bad exits occur. Not that I won't play my big cards but I don't want to do anything stupid which is hard for me sometimes.

I started off trying to play lots of small pots dropping down to 2200 when a failed steal went bad and i Folded to a big reraise.
then things go rolling when I didn't get unlucky with this hand

Then 2 hands later I wake up with this hand.

Not bad considering I was card dead for the last hour or so and got by by stealing and generally just being a spectator.

"Wolves, Celtics revive Garnett trade talks"

Boston reportedly would acquire KG for Jefferson, Ratliff and a guard who is not Rajon Rondo.
If they do pull off this trade, They go from being Irellevant to Very Fucking relevant in Boston.

This trade would make the Celtics one of the Top 3 teams in the EAST. the core of this team would be:

  • Paul Pierce
  • Kevin Garnett
  • Ray Allen
If they sign him to an extension this would be a fantastik deal even though they have to trade a talent like Al Jefferson.

Please let this happen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Have a great week everyone