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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Observations from the poolPoker and Football

No Poker Content today.

Took the 2 daughters to the JCC pool for a few hours this afternoon.
Funny how all the kids jump in and then proceed to tell us how warm the water is. While all the Parents do that
Godamm it is cold dance. It just goes to show that you turn into a Pussie after the age of 20.

The Cougar count was 2 with the rest just not holding up so well. I will chalk it up to it being a weekend during the week there are alot more Hotties (girls under 25 make that Younger than ME.)

Why is it People just let their kids do anything when they are in public? I was sitting in my chair sunbathing my Finely
tuned Physique. When I Got splashed Not once, Not twice but 3 fucking times. It was then that I actually said something to the
the little Twits who couldn't seem to keep their fucking ball in the water. I was nice just told them to move the fuck away from me.

Brought the Not Ipod mp3 player to keep me company, which was working great till Daughter #1 decided I should let her listen to one of the ear buds.

Here are the first 10 songs that Played.

  1. Full Moon - The Kinks

  2. Put your Lights on - Everlost

  3. Step by Step- New Kids on the Block
  4. ( No idea how this one got on My MP3 player)

  5. Back in Black - ACDC

  6. Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company

  7. We Bid You Goodnight - Grateful Dead

  8. Heaven - Bryan Adams

  9. You Really Got Me - the Kinks

  10. Higher - Creed

  11. Dealer/ Spanish Rose - Santana

Here is a Blogger tourney that I have never Played but you should.Maybe tonight will be my first.