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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Free Naked

link Roxy and Nikki
The Official Naked Papers Girls

Naked Papers is much more than just a clear rolling paper, Naked Papers is truly a lifestyle. Whether you’re rocking the Naked Papers gear, attending a Naked Papers event, or just enjoying the slow burning transparency of a Naked Papers rolling paper, you are part of an elite circle of people who dictate pace and define style.

Naked Facts:

  • Naked Papers are 95% Transparent.
  • Naked Papers are made from plant cellulose, are 80% Eucalyptus based cellulose , 14% glycerin and 6% water.
  • Cellulose is a common material in plant cell walls and is found in all plant material. Cellulose is actually the major component of paper.
  • Naked Papers are extremely slow buring because of the qualities of Glycerin.
  • Naked Papers are even burning.
  • Naked Papers is the only transparent rolling paper in a true king (7 x 11 cm) for EASY ROLLING.

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